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"Nora Jean sounds just like I did when I was her age. She is one of the new up and coming women that's singing the real blues. I know she is going to make it."
 -- Koko Taylor

"Nora Jean is the greatest female blues vocalist of her generation. She may very well become the next Queen of the Blues."
 -- Jimmy Dawkins

"What a Voice! She's already paid her dues, now it's time for Nora Jean to be recognized as one of the best blues vocalists around today."
 -- Jo Ann Korczynska, WHFR, "Highway 61"

"Her performance at the 2002 Chicago Blues Fest was show-stopping."
 -- Chicago Sun-Times

"Nora Jean is one of the very best blues vocalists there is."
 -- Willie Kent

"This is the year of the Nora(h)s... Norah Jones in Jazz and Nora Jean in Blues."
 -- Big City Blues Magazine

"You lookin' for a ride? This baby's a Cadillac."
 -- Robert Jr., Publisher, Big City Blues Magazine

"Nora Jean has a voice large enough to be compared to Mahalia Jackson or Chester Burnett."
 -- Shirley Mae Owens, Sr. Editor, Big City Blues Magazine and President, Detroit Blues Society

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