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"There is talk of Nora Jean as the next Queen of the Blues.”
 -- From a citation by Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry honoring Nora as one of the ten great women in Chicago Blues

”With a voice as big as hers Nora Jean is definitely a strong contender to inherit the title of Queen of the Blues."
 -- Blues in Britain

“Look out, there’s a new Queen of the Blues and her name is Nora Jean. [She] is an awesome blues singer and is undoubtedly headed for the big time. Pick up Sings the Blues now and tell everybody you heard about her way back when. Hand’s down one of the year’s finest debuts.”
 -- Jeff Harris

“Her voice is at once gritty-rough and calmingly sweet. I was swept away at the first. I thought, 'A new, great female Blues singer? We need that!' Nora Jean doesn’t let you down. She is a show stopper and this album [Sings the Blues] proves it.”
 -- Gary Miller

“I was so taken back by her singing ability. You know something is up when the main stage act is over and, during changeover time, the fest grounds looked empty with literally hundreds of people crammed in the beer tent to see what all the buzz was about."

"Nora Jean’s singing style reminds me of a mix between Shemekia Copeland and Koko Taylor. I know, strong company."

"I’d suggest you jot down the name Nora Jean. You’ll be hearing a lot more of her soon. I was just glad to be able to say I saw her when.”
 -- Tom Tourville and Rich Benson, Blues on Stage (W.C. Handy “Keeping the Blues Alive” award winning publication)

“Nora Jean sings the hell out of the blues.”
 -- Tom Hyslop, Blues Revue

”Take out a pen and write down the name Nora Jean. Then search out her CD. After one song, you’ll realize this is the real deal blues. She is a vocalist who has the drama inside of her and allows it to come out in each word she sings. She’s not singing from the perspective of 'This is what I’d sing like if I grew up a share cropper in Mississippi.' She lived that life."

"When you first hear her voice, you’ll sense a blend of Koko Taylor and Etta James but soon realize that Nora Jean is a uniquely original singer."

"With the honest support of Chicago’s best blues musicians, my guess is that Nora Jean will be singing for a long time.”
 -- Art Tipaldi

“Get ready, Pocono, for a powerful and dynamic performance. Nora Jean is ready and poised to take the world by storm. She has what it takes to be the next Queen of the Blues: the support of Chicago’s greatest musicians, a powerful voice, and a wonderful personality."

"Nora’s debut CD is a testament to her show-stopping, jaw-dropping live performances. She excels in traditional Blues but also is very competent with soul ballads and gospel-infused classics.”
-- Michael Cloeren, Director of the Pocono Blues Festival

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